Hi, my name is Russ McLean, welcome to my weblog.

The part likely to be of most use starts at the Old Coastguard Station on a small island. I was incredibly lucky to have leased this for just £5 a year.

It is possible to secure similar bargains. This adventure lasted 9 years. But there are actually more controllable ways in which you can secure your own flavour of ideal home and style of life. Though, it may be useful to briefly study the Davaar Island Lookout Coastguard Station as it is where our main series of adventures began. So please, put on the kettle, have a cup of tea and please join me for a taste of what mischief may await you. 

^^ The Old Lookout Coastguard Station ^^

£5 Per Year ~ Before Renovation in 1984!

The location was the clincher. This old ruin was located on a magnificent island..

^^ Davaar Island ^^

Photo Attribution: Simon Butterworth & Alamy

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Websites may become very important to you; especially as a mean to a new life that helps you in many ways. So it is vital you understand there are some profoundly unpleasant individuals out there on the world wide web. for our part, we will make best efforts to help keep you safe.

In order to answer several questions that often arise from the Unique Property Bulletin evolution, if we go to the reason for being here on this page now, then that may prove helpful to you.

^^ The Old Lookout Coastguard Station ^^

After Renovation: Still £5 Per Year.

The agreement was I would pay and manage the renovation and the rent would stay the same.

It is also the birthplace of

Unique Property Bulletin

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That £5 island house was leased by us for 9 years. It reverted to the owners of the island and you can visit and stay in the building. 

The following adventures have hopefully helped many other folk along the 40 year journey.

From this end of the computer keyboard, our penultimate destination is here, a lighthouse home that often seemed like a  wish too far and was more thaan the damaged bones could achieve. But here it is, in real life…

^^ Tod Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Another reason for this narrative is that I would prefer to fall flat on my face and help friends learn from my bruised nose,  than watch a friend keel over with the same result. This analogy is directed towards the journey of renovating an old ruin back to a habitable sanctuary,. The dream home that most of us aspire to, whether diminutive coastal ruin or a magnificent castle. Even somewhere in between…

^^ Dinton Castle Before Renovation ^^

^^ Dinton Castle After Renovation ^^


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The Unique Property Bulletin has featured an A-to-Z of unusual properties for 40 years as of 2024.

=> This is a free publication run by volunteers. Please note, it is not an estate agency: just a place where property eccentrics share interesting buildings and all aspects of relocating them and the full spectrum of renovation elements.

It is also a conduit to help prevent friends from going through difficult times, the pages that will be written on this website are to prove that there is life after a physically or psychologically disabling accident. One of my best friends had a stroke and I want to put some words down on paper to let him know there is life beyond such trauma. Not in a Facebook meme cliché, but by real actions and physical aspects to match any given spirituality or karma through whatever belief system you may (or might nor) have.

In a circle that started with what seemed very bad fortune, has in fact, come right. It took a long time to see it, but a daft hobby turned into something that has helped preserve the sanity of a fair few folk and saved numerous buildings. Even the occasional ship has been saved (here + here + here).

Often it has taken a friend to point out strange anomalies. For example, when my own injuries of duty led to the loss of a job I loved, and then a struggle to find meaningful work (for many folk that term means being unemployed). A friend came away with a comment that struck home…

=> For someone who is unemployable, I counted 203 jobs created. Modesty must point out that the 203 jobs over 35+ years is an accomplishment by many, many friends. I was merely in that group of mischief makers. The jobs were and are real as is the irony.

On a personal level, the journey is what you make it. Another friend aske about being disabled: “would you change ot?” That is a questio many who have an ainjury that leads to disability are asked. In my own case there was a pause and I was conscious of my fiend awaiting an answer to her question?

“No, I don’t think I would have opted to live life differently”.

That is what I would like my friend to see.

As an example, never in a thousand years would I have anticipated this home arriving onto my radar.

^^ Tod Head Lighthouse Station ^^

On 12th April 2024 after a 40 year journey that started in the small (dilapidated) coastguard lookout at the top of this page (renovated during our stewardship), I have arrived at my final destination…

^^ Tod Head Lighthouse ^^

^^ Keepers’ Accommodation Block ^^

There are many reasons for putting these words down on paper. Technically putting electronic bits and bytes of information onto an internet page.

A main one is difficult to discuss as it is quite private. But needs must given the reason for this narrative.

Back in an earlier part of my working life, a couple of vivid instances that still rattle my bones to this very day. The first was, alongside just two work colleagues the effect of lifting a stretcher bearing a badly injured farmer onto a hovering helicopter (it could not land due to the spongy/flooded nature of the ground). The other was at 2am after a Saturday/Sunday on duty when a young person had thrown herself into Campbeltown Loch. There was no option, having tried every other option, than to get into the water and stop a distraught person from harming themselves.

The result was a gentle and painful slide to spinal surgery.

That triggered a change of career. From a job one that I really enjoyed…

^^ Russ McLean & Sheena McGillivray ^^

^^ Bowmore, Island of Islay ^^

There is a wee bit of irony at this point. That series of injuries and eventual spinal surgery is…

=> That catalyst to how you are now reading these words!

Just as the young lady threw away the lifebuoy (here), in a metaphoric way, I had caught the thing as it boomeranged back.

My lifebuoy and indeed an anchor to sanity and adventure and fun and passion is an eccentric publication called Unique Property Bulletin.

=> Writing regular updates has mercifully distracted my mind when the 3am PTSD lurks.

It has helped provide meaning at times when things seemed bleak. It has brought more friends to my door than I have any right to seek.

Also, it has been the catalyst for two charities, the first of which laid to rest the demon of suicides that seems at one point to stalk a n earlier career in uniform.

=> What about now?

Well a short wile ago a very, very good friend had a stroke. He was otherwise fit and able. I would like him to know there is still plenty of life left to live.

A favourite, beloved person in the form of Judi Dench spoke the words, which, if you listen carefully, sum up the situation in which many (previously) fit and able emergency service workers find themselves…

^^ Judi Dench & Exquisitely Spoken Words ^^

Often these have helped this old soul get out of a difficult space.

Judi too has had her own battles to fight.

An inspirational human being. 













In essence, the work here isto illustrate that there is a road out of that situation.



^^ The Old Lookout Station ^^

Davaar Island

Birthplace of Unique Property Bulletin

We were here from around 1984 to 1993.

The current owners now rent this wee gem

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Unique Property Bulletin


The birth of a random publication managed to save my sanity and provide meaning. So it is incumbent on this wee should to mangle more of the English language and make best efforts to let my lifelong friend know there is still life after you either become too disabled to dwork at a job you love, or as in this case, you complete your 30 years and a few months into a well earnt retirement? Bang. You get hit with a horrendously timed stroke. Not that there is ever a good time for such a medical nightmare.

It is important to put words down here as they might help younger folk  who are hit with a life-changing medical event. Mine was a lifelong spinal degeneration with a current effort to avoid further surgery.

But a shocking thing is to swhen visiting a hospital strok ward is that it ain’t what you expect. I had thought wrongly. Instead of rows of elderly patients, there were a shocking number of young people who suffer such a blight on their lives.

This website cannot remedy all which I would wish it to. But eve just one or two people who might find a new and interesting pathway to enjoy their lives would make the tapping of these keyboard letters well worthwhile.

So please join me. Please forgive the grammatical infractions and the typos. There are adventures to be had and if I can manage them, then ofdds on the majority of folk reaing this can as well. If you need to get in touch, please feel free to pick up the phone (click here).

Very best wishes,




The starting sanctuary was here…


^^ The Old Lookout Station ^^

^^ Davaar Island, Argyll ^^

After a year of blood, sweat and tears, the derelict shell was turned into a special place…




This Page Will Be Updated Soon

Live Edit

In Relation To A Previous Project…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station Engine House

Conversion To A Residential Dwelling

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Photo Attribution: Les Armishaw & The Lighthouse Bulletin

We had already renovate the main buildings at Noss Head Lighthouse Station During 2017 and 2018…

^^ Main Keeper’s Cottages ^^

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Example of “Before” and “After”

A dedicated page will be added to include this part of the 37 year journey and 78 buildings’ worth of mischief.

With respect to one of the last two buildings to be renovated at Noss Head Lighthouse Station, this next one: the old Engine Generator Building is the one we are featuring just now. Currently a dilapidated eye-sore deteriorating and used as a dumping-ground for old garden implements and broken furniture!

^^ The Old Engine House ^^

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

This is a very well located and solid building. It really needs to be brought back into a meaningful use. Especially as by so doing, will help the building’s current and future owners set aside funds to maintain the Engine House so that it does not let the good condition of the rest of the site down.

^^ The Old Engine House ^^

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

The first port of call is ta very good local architect and the local planning department.