For Sale

Former Lighthouse Keeper’s House

Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Offers Over: £119,000.

^^ Lighthouse Apartment: Flat~2 For Sale ^^

Offers Over: £119,000.

The Tower Is Not Included.

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The founder of Unique Property Bulletin ~ Russ McLean (click here) is also the owner of Tod Head Lighthouse Station (tower not included) and will soon be retiring to live here permanently. He had looked at renting out the other (former) lighthouse keepers’ dwellings next door to his. But now hit by retirement age, he has been ordered to cut down the workload to two days a week. Unfortunately, his ability to manage rentals has passed.

Also, to keep more than one lighthouse home feels like being a bit greedy. So the (former) lighthouse keeper’s house (Flat-2) is for sale at a guide of: £119,000. 

^^ Flat-2 At Tod Head Lighthouse Station ^^

^^ By Montrose, DD10 0TH ^^

Offers Over: £119,000.

The Tower Is Not Included.

A fair old chunk of the sale funds will be going towards the renovation works at Tod Head Lighthouse Station in a similar manner to the previous lighthouse station 5-hours drive north from Tod Head to Noss Head almost at John O’Groats (here). The new owner at Tod Head has needed to move nearer to family in Dundee for health reasons.

Example of Our Previous

Lighthouse Station Renovations

At Noss Head Lighthouse Station

^^ Our Previous Lighthouse Station ^^

The photo directly above this text was taken before the 23rd May 2017 which is pretty much the condition in which we bought Noss Head Lighthouse Station on 23rd May 2017.

After a lot of money was happily spent on this far northern sanctuary of a lighthouse station at Noss Head overlooking the Orcadian archipelago, here is what he previous lighthouse station was transformed into…

^^ Our Previous Lighthouse Station ^^

Sadly the 10-hour round-trip north is now too much for our retiring managing director due to injury and spinal surgery starting way back (here) and more disc-drilling by the medics scheduled soon in 2024. This is the reason that our Noss Head Lighthouse Station was put up for sale and the move hundreds of miles south to be nearer to family in Carnoustie with just a one hour drive between close relatives.

It was a difficult choice to leave the far northern lighthouse home at Noss Head Lighthouse Station. But with family able to visit the more southerly Tod Head Lighthouse Station within a 1-hour drive, life is much better now. Plus we have the prospect of some new neighbours who might like to consider purchasing the adjacent (former) lighthouse keeper’s home: flat number-2. Maybe you?

Here is a short video to give an idea of the picturesque location at Tod Head Lighthouse Station…

^^ Click This Video To Watch Tod Head Location ^^

Tod Head Lighthouse Station is just over 1 hour from Dundee Airport (here), with flights to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Yorkshire, London and wide selection of national and international airports and destinations (click here).

Flat-2, Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Offers Over: £119,000

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For Sale

Lighthouse Engineer’s Rooms

Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Offers Over: £59,000

This former ground floor lighthouse engineer’s workshop covers almost the same size and footprint as the one bedroom flat on the first floor above.

Consequently, the ground floor part of this building would make an excellent candidate for conversion to a dwelling, subject to planning permission. We will be dedicating separate articles (linked on this page) to FOUR  similar projects that have all received full planning permission and and have resulted in very nice lighthouse station location homes being created.

^^ Lighthouse Engineer’s Rooms ^^

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Over the past 40 years in previous Unique Property Bulletin projects (here), we have renovated many of the unusual places as part of our features in the publication. Most have been completed to turn-key condition, ready for folk to move in to.

However, we have also been asked by readers for candidate properties “in the raw” or “as is” so that they can have the challenge and an adventure of transforming something fairly ordinary into a place that is pretty unique.

^^ Tod Head Lighthouse Station ^^

The Tower Is Not For Sale

Just The Two Spare Buildings.

So we are selling this random piece of Engineer’s Workshop & Rooms in this lighthouse building for a new owner to transform into an amazing place to live (subject to planning permission). We shall also be featuring the last FOUR planning applications at lighthouses where approval was GRANTED for ALL of the applications to convert a former brownfield type building segment into residential use. If you have any doubts you may like to make a pre-application enquiry of the local council.

This main “Unique Property For Sale Page” is being updated this month and also new sales being added next month (August 2024).

Tod Head Lighthouse Station is just over 1 hour’s drive from Dundee Airport (here), with flights to and from a wide selection of national and international airports and destinations (click here).

The Engineer’s Rooms

Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Offers Over: £59,000

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Possibly For Sale

Single Houses on Sanda Island, Mull of Kintyre, Argyll

Guide: £295,000 to £395,000.

These Guide Prices Only Via his Website

^^ Sanda Island ^^

Attribution: Rightmove

Our managing director (here) has lived on islands most of his life, including Davaar Island, Ailsa Craig Island and the Isle of Arran, with time spent working and living on the islands of Islay and Jura.

=> The proposal is for our company to bid to purchase Sanda Island and enshrine public access to Sanda via the Pier in the Land Registry/Registers of Scotland title deeds.

=> In addition, rather than just one person own Sanda Island, our proposal is to buy the island and to split it equitably into 8 parts to coincide with the 8 houses. Thereby enabling better affordability for each house at between £295,000 to £395,000 per person/family.

=> The third element is to provide a regular ferry service with a substantial and seaworthy vessel such as the CalMac “Loch” class type of ferry (click here). Thereby enabling families wising to live on Sanda and visitors full public access to the island. Though on the clear understanding that the SSI and Right-To-Roam statues are fully respected.

Regular visits were made to Sanda Island by our Managing Director when it was owned by Mr Richard Gannon and that public right of access is a very precious thing which we are determined to see returned to residents of Argyll and visitors to Kintyre (and from the likes of Antrim and Ayrshire).

=> On 30th April 2010 a new owner purchased Sanda Island (click here).

=> Unfortunately an issue surround access to the island became heated on several internet forums (for example: here).

In fairness to the couple who purchased Sanda Island in 2010, they have tried to continue the letting accommodation and open-access facilities, but along the years of their custodianship/ownership of Sanda Island, a decision was made to heavily restrict access to the pier.

=> A fair number of folk took exception as this restricted the hard-won rights under the Land Reform Act (Scotland) 2003 to access areas of open land in Scotland.

The owners did state that folk were allowed to visit Sanda but they would need to and on the beach. The removal of most landing permissions at the pier and necessity to beach vessels in order for the rights under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 resulted in…

=> National newspaper coverage: Click Here.

^ Sanda Island, Mull of Kintyre, Argyll ^^

Houses From £295,000 to £395,000

Lighthouse Tower Not Included

On Friday 30th May 2024 three friends within our Unique Property Group suggested buying Sanda Island and title-splitting each house so that they are AFFORDABLE and also making sure that Sanda Island is made ACCESSIBLE again.

Given the fact our company has owned several ferries, plus created an organisation (here) to renovate a Clyde Steamer from this elderly icon: click here to a restored version of her best self: click here, it would be our intention to place a decent sized ferry along the lines of a former CalMac ship of a size that would fit the slip at Sanda very well…

^^ We Have Bought CalMac Ships For Other Routes ^^

The State-owned ferry company “CalMac” and the ship-owning counterpart, CMAL Ltd., have advised they will be building new “Loch” class ferries.

That is how we ended up buying the previous ferry from CalMac, (here).

So with newbuilds on the way, CalMac and CMAL will be selling several of these ferries that are a good size to serve a new ferry service to the Island of Sanda.

Whilst the island of Sanda has a very good pier and slipway capable of receiving this class of ferry…

^^ Sanda Has A Suitable Pier For A Loch Class Ferry ^^

Depending on The Tides

^ Sanda Island, Mull of Kintyre, Argyll ^^

Houses From £295,000 to £395,000

Lighthouse Tower Not Included

Consequently we will be uploading a dedicated page for our Sanda Island bid to buy and split into AFFORABLE parts…

=> Especially for our lighthouse folk, there will be lighthouse buildings for sale on Sanda Island if our bid to buy (and title-split) the island into affordable parts is successful.

=> We will be ingathering a list of folk who would like to consider joining with our managing director and own their own house on the Island of Sanda?

Please check back her soon. Thanks.

^^ Sanda Island, Mull of Kintyre, Argyll ^^

Houses From £295,000 to £395,000

Lighthouse Tower Not Included

Please check back here soon…

An Important Update Will Appear

Here During June 2024

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For Sale

Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran

Guide: £395,000.

This is an opportunity for someone who wishes to change their lifestyle to an amazing island-based home + business + passive income if desired.

We have the Sannox Hotel for sale. However, rather than stick a price that equates to what we spent on the building in renovations cost and newbuild construction, we have brought the entry-level of the core Sannox Hotel building down from £795,000 to a more affordable £395,000.

^^ Sannox Hotel + Shop + Newbuild House ^^

Was £795,000 For House + Hotel + Village Shop.

Now The Core Hotel & Owner’s Flat Is Just £395,000.

The two additional elements (new village shop and newbuild holiday apartment) will be retained by ourselves pending the new owners of the hotel either leasing these newbuild apartment and newbuild village shop, or just taking an “option” to purchase them at a future date when the new Sannox Hotel owners have built up their reserves.

^^ Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD ^^

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Our directors bought the old, closed Sannox Hotel before the Covid pandemic and managed to have a substantial Planning Application for the following back-to-bricks renovation and the following improvements…

To date, approximately £795,000 has been spent on the actual building and the renovations.

=> These renovations are approximately 90% complete.

Unfortunately, our managing director had spinal surgery following an accident in an earlier career (here). Within the next few months from May 2024, a second and third spinal operation have been advised. This would delay the completion and re-opening of the Sannox Hotel.

=> It would be unfair on the local community to have a main amenity in the village, including a new village shop further delay.

=> Yes it has taken EIGHT YEARS for the new MV Glen Sannox Ferry to be built (click here), but the new owner of Sannox Hotel will be very lucky with timing as there are SIX NEW FERRIES on their way to the CalMac ferry network (click here).

=> So with this problem of new ferries being held up, now with a solution in sight, we do not want the local hotel facilities at Sannox, nor the new village shop held up any further. The director that has progressed the Sannox Hotel project this far now requires further spinal surgery. That would slow the re-opening by another 12 months due recovery and physio etc.

=> Far better to think laterally and find a way to get the Sannox Hotel re-opened this year, 2024. Hence this title-split purchase option with the core hotel (and owner’s flat) being sold first at offers over: £395,000. Then an option to lease or purchase the Bay Cottage newbuild house and/or an option to lease/purchase the new Village Shop. It makes a substantial opportunity available to many more folk at a far more affordable £395,000 than a large bite of £795,000! Albeit that amount reflected a back-to-bricks rebuild + two newbuilds.

Fortunately, there is no mortgage on the hotel, and it has been the business of our parent company to help closed down shops, factories and tired High Streets to reopen. Firstly by renovation and then through helping new businesses become established in the refurbished buildings. Including helping folk financially and with advice to start up businesses in the style of Dragons’ Den.

Consequently, we are able to make the Sannox Hotel a lot more affordable to the person or couple who would like this new and fairly unique style of life and employment. The proverbial picture paints a thousand words. How would you feel about living and working here, in this picture at Sannox Bay on the Island of Arran?

Returning to this Sannox Hotel building for sale, here is the front garden…

^^ Sannox Hotel Front Garden ^^

Alfresco Coffee & Snacks + View

Here is a short, but good quality video of the extended “front garden” at Sannox Hotel….

^^ Sannox Hotel + Sannox Beach + Sannox Bay

Courtesy of MadMacs FPV 

MadMacs We Would Like

To Say Thankyou Properly: (Here)

This main “Unique Property For Sale Page” is being updated this weekend and regularly every few days from here onwards.

Due to the likelihood of placing a bid to buy Sanda Island, this Sannox Hotel section will now be uploaded during…

The First Half Of…

June 2024

This is also due to the likelihood of a new sea tour (and backup ferry service) based initially at Sannox Hotel and using a ship we bought off of CalMac in 2001 (the MV Lochmor). That vessel has had a major rebuild. Discussions with the current owners of the ship in Iceland are commercially sensitive. Given that this would impact  the sale of Sannox Hotel, we are delaying the full details of Sannox Hotel by a few days.

^^ The Sannox Hotel Renovation ^^

Includes A Hotel-Based Ship Tour Facility.

At the time the negotiations on ship purchase were commenced, the availability of Sanda Island for sale had not been on our radar.

=> Having been lucky enough to have been brought up on the Island of Arran and lived on Davaar Island, with the luck continuing in living on Ailsa Craig Island, it is a natural progression to bid to buy Sanda Island.

=> Hence a few days delay in the full Sannox Hotel details whilst we remedy the status of Sanda Island and (separately) MV Lochmor..

In essence the managing director of the company that owns Sannox Hotel and previously owned the CalMac ferry MV Lochmor (here) has spinal surgery due imminently. Hence one option is to sell the Sannox Hotel to a younger fitter person or couple.

But in order for the viability of ta re-opened Sannox Hotel to grow, there are additional elements and facilities needed.

=> One of these is a sea-tour service based at Sannox Hotel.

So to to let folk who are interested in this have some advance knowledge, here is the vessel and also the routes we had lined up prior to Sanda Island coming onto the “For Sale” market…

^^ MV Lochmor After The Major Refit ^^

By the look of the chief + the skipper and mate, driving MV Lochmor to the insurance limits of ply off Davaar Island twice a week was more fun than work… 

^^ MV Lochmor On A Regular “Engine Run” ^^

Ships often degrade if left tied up and only minimally maintained (if at all).

So partly due to the health of MV Lochmor, we ensured the ferry had all systems + engines + generators run up, twice a week. All under the careful supervision of the most important component in and ship: the chief engineer.

MV Lochmor Main Engines ^^

In this case we were incredibly fortunate to have Chief Engineer Donnie Woodrow in charge of the engineering (it was Donnie who was the Chief aboard MV Pentalina (here) on the inaugural voyage from the builders yard in the Philippines to the ferry’s home port of St Margaret’s Hope on Orkney.

=> Without MV Pentalina, then M Alfred would not have been built and the island of Arran would be in a very poor state!

^^ MV Lochmor In 2001 Before The Refit ^^

After the refit, the MV Lochmor has very comfortable internal seating and makes an ideal vessel for coastal cruising around Arran and the smaller isles.

^^ MV Lochmor After The Major Refit ^^

^^ MV Lochmor After The Major Refit ^^

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We have launched this dedicated Unique Property For Sale page with the aim of narrating how the publication got started: by a modest Old Lookout building on Davaar Island that we leased for…

£5 Per Year

On Davaar Island

(no longer available, but this type of rental does happen)

(we are happy to show you the how, where and when).

The deal for the Old Lookout building was at £5- per year in exchange for an agreement that we would renovate that building. That took 9 months and gave us 9 years of sublime time on an awesome island…


[bafg id=”4264″]


^^ Even Though We Vacated ^^

& Parted Company With Our

Old Coastguard Building In 1995

You Can Rent It From The New Owners!

The location of that Old Lookout Coastguard building was the picture-postcard perfect Davaar Island in Argyll. You either went across pier-to-pier in a boat, or twice a day you could walk across at low tide…

^^ Davaar Island, Argyll ^^

^^ Birthplace Of Unique Property Bulletin ^ ^

Photo Attribution Simon Butterworth  ~ Alamy Fee Has Been Paid 

In 1997 we started buying some of the buildings featured in our Unique Property Bulletin where it was evident they needed renovating! Now, 25 years later, in May 2024 we are moving one of our offices to a lighthouse station. As luck would have it, we have two “spare parts” which we always offer first to our loyal readers as featured above.


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