For A Friend

For A Friend…

The primary purpose of this website is to illustrate in as much detail as possible – for a friend – that no matter what challenges life throws up, from personal experience, I can pretty much guarantee that the bad times pass; that there are still good times to come.

Blue Badge Disability

Please Don’t Let This Define Who You Are Or What You Can Do

With some determination it is possible to overcome most of life’s travails. To reframe your mind and ensure that whatever life you have – whatever disability might afflict you, there are many things that can be accomplished.

To my friend, and anyone else who might pass this way, please take comfort that you will have good life after bad times.

In 1993 I thought my life had pretty much ended. Two hours laying immobile and helpless on the floor after a fall from a two story building resulted in no feeling from any part of my lower body. The nightmare prospect of life changing spinal damage is an experience that is difficult to forget. A day later in hospital, the return of feeling in the legs, even with a near lifetime of chronic/acute pain that was to follow – puts things into perspective. Many folk end up in wheelchairs. In this case, miraculously walking is still possible. So you grumble a bit when arising from a chair! Glass half full kind of thing.

Then several years later and the resultant loss of the best job in the world because I couldn’t berth a ship without paroxysms of agony caused by further spinal degradation was genuinely depressing, almost beyond measure. But then came a new adventure with our Real Dragons’ Den  projects. The answer was to assemble a good team to help with the physical construction stuff, and project manage.

Scotslion Real Dragons Den

After Bad Times There Are Good: This Is Just One Project At Real Dragon’s Den

Ups and downs! The next downer was when physical mobility around building sites became seriously problematic. Even the relatively light weight effort of project managing was getting physically impossible. Doom was the thought process. Another cherished and enjoyable job ended. But the old, possibly trite saying, that when one door closes, a window opens came true. After the Real Dragons’ Den efforts drew to a close, the incredible happened…

Unique Property Bulletin - Old Paper Format

Again – After Bad Times There Are Good: This Old Paper Format Has Taken Off Online

Hope Actually Follows After Hopelessness

What was originally a hobby about unusual buildings to live in, grew to become a full time job. Full time in as much as a variable disability allows. But that is the beauty of the internet and the email system. It effectively allows flexitime for those rendered physically inflexible! Working life for those afflicted with premature rigor mortis.

The Unique Property Bulletin went from an old paper format 3,000 circulation thing into a 40,000 online readership website. I am still in mild shock at the strength of the internet. Just one newspaper article (click here) garnered 10,000 visitors to the website in a couple of hours. Actually crashed our website for short while.

In fact for anyone and everyone who may have some form of disability, the internet and websites are an incredible way to overcome the barriers that mobility issues, and present a way to work with the ancillary joy of providing extra meaning to life. By the way, please feel free to get in touch (click here) if you would like any help in getting a new life beyond disability by utilising the internet and websites.

Tarbat Ness Lighthouse Buildings - Kirsty Jarman

Life Changing Lighthouse Website

If You Have A Passion For Something: Don’t Let Disability Stop You

Photo Of Tarbat Ness Lighthouse Buildings. Courtesy of Kirsty Jarman

Following the success of the Unique Property Bulletin came the Lighthouses For Sale & Rent website. Another incredible experience – and gift of hope. The best test is that (as of October 2015) the lighthouse website has 38,000 unique IP readers. It has also helped wonderful folk like the Taylors sell their magnificent lighthouse homes at Tarbat Ness (pictured above).

What started out as an online job for one washed up seadog has now turned into another Real Dragons’ Den endeavour that will shortly be employing 2 more people. Bringing about new jobs actually garners a great deal of enjoyment for those creating and those who fill the vacancies. Bliss.

The point of this webpage – indeed this whole website – is to show that no matter whether there are a bad few hours, days, weeks or months – things do get better.


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